Paper 3 - COMM 1313 Eli Brennan The Age Old Controversy...

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COMM 1313 Eli Brennan The Age Old Controversy: Video Games Video games have been and continue to be the center of many debates around the world. There are many legitimate issues and reasons that call for the censorship of videogames such as violence and detriments on social development on the youth, but these strong arguments are flawed and importantly infringe upon one of the most important Amendments in the U.S. Constitution. The first and foremost problem with the censorship of video games is that fact that that idea of censorship infringes upon the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. These games that are developed are first ideas of concept designers and game developers. They are works of art meant to entertain and bring the public to an alternate reality to explore and take enjoyment in being a part of that world. Whether it is a fantasy world where the protagonist is trying to save the world from an evil supernatural power or becoming a gangster running the streets of Los Angeles or ruling over a vast civilization that spans great distances across the universe, these games at their base level are form of art like a painting or a performing art. But games as an art form is not important as the main fact that games are a source of income for many people and help the economies of many nations around that world. So when social or religious groups cry for censorship because of an unwanted or frowned upon idea or expression we must ask ourselves why. Why are they asking to take away a human right that every human person is given? Is it because of events that happen which has lead to this call for censorship or is it
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a social reformation of the nation as a whole or is it some issue altogether? From the way that things look it seems that it is because of events that have transpired that people are looking for someone or something to blame for those problems and for their loss. While it is tragic that people, especially in the case of Columbine High, that kids have to die because of the acts of others. But who is to blame? Who can people point the finger at?
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Paper 3 - COMM 1313 Eli Brennan The Age Old Controversy...

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