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Analysis of Argument Comm 1313 Apple Computer vs. Windows Computers Within the Pioneer Press in the business section there is an article about Apple computers and its growing popularity within college campuses here in Minnesota and elsewhere in the nation. Apple computers are becoming more popular on college campuses due to ties with the iPod and the idiosyncrasies that are associated with the computers. The computer’s functionality in both its hardware and software are coupled with its resistance to viruses and spyware makes Apple computers more competitive to that of Windows based computers. The article, Apple on Campus, is trying to illustrate through graphs, testimonies, and statistics why Apple is becoming the choice computer for some students. This article’s literal audience is the readers of the Pioneer Press newspaper and also the online version. The target audience would be the people interested in businesses since the articles was found in the business section of the newspaper and also college students since it pertains to that particular group of people. It tries to reach those audiences through the medium of the newspaper and also through its online counterpart. The ethos of the author is really not what the main focus of the argument since he is conveying the information about the trends found in the Minnesotan colleges and the highlights of the computer brand. Therefore I think the audience would feel neutral about the creditability of writer. The pathos of the argument seems to convey excitement because Apple computers are believed to be more functional than Windows computers
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and also of its ties with the iPod popularity that has hit the world. This article is more based around logos aspect of argument. That is why it is built upon facts, graphs, and testimonies since those would be the most logical choice in conveying the Apple trend and hype happening on college campuses. The common ground that is shared with the
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Paper #1 - Analysis of Argument Comm 1313 Apple Computer...

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