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Test 3 Review - Public Opinion American Public Opinion...

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American Public Opinion focuses on regime maintenance by: 1) Having a virtuous citizenry 2) Having properly ordered institutions Problems: 1) Rhetoric or opinion 2) Manipulation or passion 3) Ignorance or poor education 4) Tyranny of the majority Elites – highly educated, highly involved in government; Masses – everyday Americans Factors that shape Public Opinion 1) Quality of Information a. Executive branch has the most information b. Legislative is next, filtered by Executive branch c. Judicial is last, having the least information 2) Shared fundamental values 3) Ideology – general set of principles that shape how you view the world and what the purpose of government should be Liberal Conservative 1) Large ACTIVE government Limited government 2) Equality of results Equality of opportunity 3) Individual rights Order and stability 4) Demographics Demographics Ways governments try to shape Public Opinion: 1) Education – political socialization 2) Participation/Cooperation a. Instills belonging b. Legitimates to the government 3) Nationalism/Patriotism – belief that people who occupy same territory have social bonds (something in common) 4) Private property Define Four types of polls ( PEST) : 1) P ush – Lead the respondent one way or the other; biased 2) E xit – Asks how you voted on election day before the polls close 3)
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Test 3 Review - Public Opinion American Public Opinion...

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