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f06_q6_p3 - 4 In quiz 5 you were asked to dcvclop an...

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Unformatted text preview: 4: In quiz 5 you were asked to dcvclop an algorithm for dimmcfing 1h: minjmlml cycl: in a weighwd dimmed graph with an nagafivc weight cycles {pmhlm 2d], given lhat you started at: nuda H and had to vifiit the: nudes 3:, 3;, M35. 111: fntluwing grave-d}! matcgy wax. mutton: I. Start 31 mild: H 2. Cnu'qmtc 111: shurttsl. path fmm the. current locafinn ta 3;, 5'3, andsj, then travel lfl- the clmtst um: .tlthaI has mt already bum visitad. 3. Km! 5kg: 2 untiE you have fished all nodes 34-, 3;, and .515, than realm to H. [L 43 [Ems]: Pm? Ed: 3 muntcr—emplc gap]: that prams this algorithm wrong. 0 db [1131}; What path doing the afarflnenticrnfid gztady algorithm dimmer in this graph? wamisflmmm: weightoflhiapalh? H— 5,. -53— [4-3; - H = r9 4:. {Ipt}: What '15 an uplimal path for The counter ample graph in 4a? What is 111-: mlal \ weightnfthispalh‘? [Lt-”3., —57= '-' H.- H ..- .- 5.“. ...
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