chapter1[1]american gov.

chapter1[1]american gov. - Majority Rule and Minority...

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America in the twenty-first century - Chapter 1 What are Politics and Government? Social Conflict Politics Government All bold terms are defined in the outside column in your textbook, at the web site I showed you yesterday and in the glossary at the back of the book What Does Government Do? Resolve Conflicts Power Authority Provide Public Services Set Goals for Public Policies Preserve Culture Different Systems of Government Rule by One: Autocracy Monarchy Divine Right Theory Dictatorship Rule by Many: Democracy Athenian Model / Direct Democracy Representative Democracy Can we have too much democracy? American Democracy Principles of American Democracy Equality in Voting Individual Freedom Equal Protection Under the Law
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Unformatted text preview: Majority Rule and Minority Rights Voluntary Consent to be Governed American Political Values Political Culture American Creed What about 1 st Amendment and Flag burning? Liberty, Equality and Property Liberty Equality Property to what extent should it be protected? What about the Patriot Act? Should there be one set of American values and ideals? How do we deal with a multi-cultured society? In the US, who governs? American Political Ideology Idcologue Liberalism Conservatism Political Center / Moderate Some controversies Church and State Exporting democracy (Iraq) Who rules?...
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chapter1[1]american gov. - Majority Rule and Minority...

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