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Political Science – Final Review Short Answers: 13. There are four types of Congressional committees that can propose bills, conduct investigations or studies, expedite business between houses, and reconcile difference in bills by house and senate. Standing Committees: so called because they continue form one Congress to the next, are the committees to which bills are referred for consideration. Joint Committees : are set up to expedite business between the houses and to help focus public attention on major matters, such as the economy, taxation, or scandals. They include members from both houses of Congress who conduct investigations or special studies. Conference Committees: are special joint committees that reconcile differences in bills passed by the House and Senate. A conference committee is made up of those members from the House and Senate committees that originally considered the bill. Select (or special) committees: are temporary committees appointed for specific purposes. Generally such committees are established to conduct special investigations or studies and to report back to the chamber that established them. 14 . Interest groups, lobbyists, and political action committees influence the behavior of members of congress. Interest groups are organized groups that try to influence public policy; lobbyists are the interest groups representatives who seek to influence legislation that will benefit his or her organization through political parties, political action committees are federally mandated, officially registered fund-raising committee that represents interest groups in the political process. 15. Congress members rely heavily on members of their staffs for information or pending legislation; however, they are influenced by their party, constituents, colleagues and caucuses, and staff members. Members often look to party leaders for indicators of how to vote. Indeed,
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final polisci - Political Science Final Review Short...

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