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What is Feminist Thought

What is Feminist Thought - Kalisse Richardson Feminist...

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Kalisse Richardson Feminist Thought/Theory W 6:00-8:30 pm Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall Assignment # 1 What is Feminist Thought? Someone once said that “feminism the radical notion that women are people.” Audre Lorde once described herself as a Black, Female, Lesbian, Feminist, Mother. Frederick Douglass once said that “ right is of no sex”. There have been multitudes of people ho have joined this “feminist movement” and with so many ways to show support, it becomes harder to define what constitutes “feminist thought” and what it means to be a feminist. To be a feminist, one does not have to be a radical. There is no need to think that you must start a riot for a worthy cause. Not all feminists are man-hating or anti- male. There is no need to think that only lesbians can be feminists and there is no reason to think that African American women are not involved or have never been involved in the feminist movement. Feminist Thought can be defined as a body of writing that attempts to describe, explain, and analyze the conditions of women’s live. To be a feminist, all one has to do is to be involved in women’s issues; to care about the rights, issues, and lives of women. Throughout the semester, two things have come to surface: men can be feminists and not all feminists are lesbians. There is a widely known stereotype that all feminists are man-hating, angry, lesbians. The people who are involved, and become involved, in the lives of women, do not have to BE women. Feminism is not a female only fight; it is a fight that people must be aware of. It is a struggle of women everywhere that affects
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everyone. Men, though they are rarely seen, do play major roles in the right for equal rights. They are seen in rallies, marches, and other forms of protest. Some feminists would venture to say that any support is good support. Feminist thought can be viewed as a compilation of women’s thoughts and ideas that show the history and struggle of women, African American, white, or otherwise. Sojourner Truth, in her controversial and profound speech,
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What is Feminist Thought - Kalisse Richardson Feminist...

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