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Music Essay Sculpture - Parker Rhine MU 2313.253 Sculpture...

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Parker Rhine MU 2313.253 Sculpture - Nathan Sawaya I chose to write my essay on Nathan Sawaya. The reason I chose him is because I honestly didn’t think anyone would try to make art out of LEGOS. When we were kids we all drew with crayons, although it is never good at the beginning of our career, however we really never stop drawing or doodling; in fact some people become very good at it and some of them become artists. But LEGOS? I thought we all grew out of LEGOS at a certain age. So I thought this would be a very entertaining essay to write. The sculpture I’m writing this essay on is called, Rebirth of New Orleans. I was going through Sawaya’s gallery of sculptures and this one grabbed my eye. It is a city in the palm of a hand; the first thing that went through my head is that maybe he is portraying how God is in control of everything, and we are just living our busy lives while he is just holding us and watching us. The second thing I thought Sawaya might be trying to say is that, we hold the world in our hands, and that we have all the chances and opportunities to do what we want in life. After reading the title however it gives you a somewhat different meaning. From my analysis the hand that is holding New Orleans in it is the people. The people that came together to help build and support the citizens of New Orleans get back to the historical, colorful place it once was. The hand represents Red Cross, FEMA, and the many other organizations that sent food, supplies, or themselves to help someone in need. Even though Nathan Sawaya didn’t contribute to the reconstruction of the city, he did
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Music Essay Sculpture - Parker Rhine MU 2313.253 Sculpture...

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