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a doll house - crimes and taking their punishment. But now...

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Capoverde 1 Cortney Capoverde ENC 1102 April 7, 2008 A Doll House Torvald is obsessed with what other people think of him. He only cares about what other people see, and even if it hurts his family, he will do anything to keep his reputation. He fires Krogstad because he committed forgery, the same crime Nora committed, and he can’t be around someone like that. When it is revealed that Nora committed the same crime, Torvald wants her to leave, because his reputation will be ruined. In the beginning of the play, Krogstad gets fired. Torvald doesn’t fire him for just committing forgery, but for not confessing to it and taking his punishment like he should have. Torvald says “Plenty of men have redeemed themselves by openly confessing their
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Unformatted text preview: crimes and taking their punishment. But now Krogstad didn’t go that way. He got himself out by sharp practices, and that’s the real cause of his moral breakdown” (Ibsen1526). We then learn that Krogstad lent Nora some money, and Nora forged her father’s signature. Krogstad says that if Nora doesn’t get him his job back, that he will write Torvald a letter telling him what Nora did. Nora tries to talk to Torvald, and get Krogstad his job back, but Torvald refuses, saying “I can tel you it’d be impossible for me to work alongside him. I literally feel revolted when I’m anywhere near such a person” (Ibsen1527)...
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