Counter-attitudinal Persuasive Speech

Counter-attitudinal Persuasive Speech - Counter-attitudinal...

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Unformatted text preview: Counter-attitudinal Speech Assignment The purposes of this assignment are: 1. To experience public speaking after several weeks of theoretical discussion and reading regarding communication skills; 2. Observe your ability to apply persuasive theory and techniques; 3. Measure your ability to observe time limits; 4. Observe your ability to speak extemporaneously 5. Observe your ability to use visual aids in a presentation; 6. Assess your use of credible sources to support an argument; 7. Measure your ability to write and word process an outline. Following are basic expectations for this assignment: a. The counterattitudinal persuasive speech seeks to change or influence the audiences attitudes. b. Topics will be chosen based on student interest and audience analysis. c. The topics will be counterattitudinal in nature. d. Beware of the temptation to inform the audience; this speech is about changing attitudes. d....
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