Delivery - Much more restricted when you stand behind a...

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Delivery Find your own voice! Volume; Pitch; Range; Rhythm; Tempo; Articulation; Enunciation; Enthusiasm! Posture Methods of delivery Manuscript Memorization Impromptu Extemporaneous Nonverbals: 3 Characteristics of nonverbal communication Continuous Uses multiple channels simultaneously Spontaneous-occurs at subconscious levels Considerations for delivery choices: Environment -physical distance from your audience; lighting; temperature; comfort; aesthetics. Physical layout of the room- Adapt, may have to give up visual aids, plans. Limitations of traditional style of delivery: Zone of interaction: area of audience in which speaker and audience members can make eye contact-limited to your peripheral vision.
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Unformatted text preview: Much more restricted when you stand behind a podium. Limits your flexibility to reach your audience: Movement enables you to reach more of your audience. Shifting your zone of interaction with movement, however subtle, increases the perception of inclusiveness and adds energy to your speech. Eyes and Face Eyes-Source credibility Relay competency and trust and approachability Credible sources have more influence over the audience. Reduces distance physiologically-the distance between you and your audience shrinks. Delivery Provides feedback Self-Adapting Behaviors Grasping lectern, playing with hair, touching earlobe, slapping hands together etc. .....
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Delivery - Much more restricted when you stand behind a...

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