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Fundamentals of Biology I Dr. Jaime S. Solorzano. Key Terms Chapter 10 Photosynthesis Biology 7 th Edition Campbell Reece, web. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. - Hand-write on a separate sheet. 2. - Key Term in Orange (Highlighted). 3. - Definition in Yellow (Highlighted). 4. - No more than 2 lines long. 5. - You may use a diagram, picture, etc. 6. - Due on 03/11/08 Bundle-Sheath Cell C3 Plant C4 Plant Calvin Cycle Carbon Fixation
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Unformatted text preview: Caretenoid Chrorophyll a, b Crassulaceab Acid Metabolism (CAM) Cyclic Electron Flow Glyceraldehayde-3- Phosphate (G3P) Heterotroph Mesopyll Cell NADP Noncyclic Electron Flow PEP Carboxylase Photon Photophosphorylation Photorespiration Photosynthesis Photosystem I, II Primary electron acceptor Reaction Center Spectrophotometer Stoma Thylakoid Visible Light...
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