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Ch.2 key terms - deficiencies.-Iron deficiency in...

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Fundamentals of Biology I Dr. Jaime S. Solorzano. Key Terms Chapter 2, The Chemical Context of Life. Reference: Biology 7 th Edition Campbell Reece INSTRU CTIONS: 1. - Hand-write on a separate sheet. 2. - Key Term in Orange (Highlighted). 3. - Definition in Yellow (Highlighted). 4. - No more than 2 paragraphs long. 5. - Due on 01/14/08 Key Terms 1. - Elements and Compounds -Matter -Element -Compound 2. - Essential Elements of Life Mention at least 2 clinical manifestations and 2 symptoms related to the following element
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Unformatted text preview: deficiencies.-Iron deficiency in Humans.-Iodine deficiency in Humans. 3.-Atom-Neutron.-Proton.-Electron. 4. - Isotopes-Radioactive Isotopes. 5. - Covalent Bonds-Single Bond-Double Bond-Non-polar covalent bond 6 .- Ionic Bonds-Ion-Cation-Anion 7. –Weak Chemical Bonds-Hydrogen Bond 8. –Molecular Mimic 9. –Chemical reaction-Reactants-Products...
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