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Fundamentals of Biology I Dr. Jaime S. Solorzano. Key Terms Chapter 1 Exploring Life Reference: Biology 7 th Edition Campbell Reece INSTRUCCTIONS: 1. - Hand-write on a separate sheet. 2. - Key Term in Orange (Highlighted). 3. - Definition in Yellow (Highlighted). 4. – 01/10/08 Key Terms 1) Properties of life. Mention at least one example of the following concepts: -Order -Evolutionary adaptation
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Unformatted text preview: -Response to the environment-Regulation-Energy processing-Growth and Development-Reproduction 2) Hierarchy of Biological Organization-Biosphere-Ecosystem-Communities-Populations-Organisms-Organs and Organ Systems-Tissues-Cells-Organelles-Molecules 3) Domains of Life-Domain Bacteria-Domain Archaea-Domain Eukarya-Bacteria vs. Protist Bon appetite…....
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