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Jeff Carmichael PSCI 1050 Seat #87 Final Exam Essay Having a balanced democratic society is not something that is just thrown together. In fact, it happens to work like some kind of complex system. There is no instruction manual when it comes to maintaining a society. With there being so many people in our society today, it becomes difficult to keep every one hundred percent happy due to the fact that everyone feels differently about certain matters. However, a balanced society does need a few things for it to work sufficiently. National security, economic vitality, and social responsibility are essential when it comes to keeping a society balanced. There is no perfect society out there, but there are ones that have been very successful based on those matters. National security is one of the most important features in a society. The CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security all report to the means of national security. They are here to protect our nation and they do their best to keep everyone within our society safe. There
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