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chapt 7 vocab - synergistic effect 2 or more drugs given at...

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PHARM: Chapter 7 Vocabulary drug interaction - an altered or modified action or effect of a drug as a result of interaction with 1 or more other drugs. adverse drug reaction - an undesirable drug effect that ranges from mild untoward effects to severe toxic effects to severe toxic effects (e.g. Hypersensitivity, Anaphylaxis) Drug incompatibility - a chemical or physical rxn that occurs among 2 or more drugs in vitro (outside the body) Additive effect - the drug interaction when 2 drugs w/ similar action are administered. - the sum of the effects of the 2 drugs
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Unformatted text preview: synergistic effect- 2 or more drugs given at the same time; one drug can potentiate the other, meaning that sometimes the effect is greater that the combined effect of 2 drugs from the same category. antagonistic effects- 2 different drugs are taken, and the drugs cancel each other’s drug effect. (e.g.- isoproterenol + propranolol) photosensitivity- a skin reaction caused by the interaction of a drug & exposure to UVA light. OTC drugs- drugs that are available without a prescription...
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