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Louisspeech - II Videotaping your opponent A New England...

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Louis Diamond 2/09/2008 SPC 1600 CRN: 23153 Speech Outline General Purpose Statement: To inform Specific Purpose Statement: To inform about cheating in sport Introduction I. More than 6% of Americans nationally take steroids II. There are many different types of cheating. III. Imagine working so hard to get somewhere, and some one beats you there by cheating. IV. Today I’m going to talk about steroid abuse, video taping your opponents, and illegally betting. Body I. Steroid Abuse A. Olympics B. Baseball C. High School Besides steroid abuse, another form of cheating is videotaping your opponents.
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Unformatted text preview: II. Videotaping your opponent A. New England Patriots Finally, illegally betting is also a form of cheating. III. Illegally Betting A. Pete Rose B. Being paid off Any one of these three forms of cheating have severe punishments, including potential jail time. Conclusion I. Throughout this speech, I have touched on three forms of cheating, steroid abuse, videotaping your opponents, and illegally betting. II. In the end, cheaters never win, and will pay the price....
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