BILD3review - MIDTERM REVIEW Key terms: You should be able...

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MIDTERM REVIEW Key terms: You should be able to explain each term or idea and give examples (if applicable). It is important to know the significance of these terms and their context in evolutionary biology, rather than just memorizing definitions. Lecture 1-3 Definition of “life” Big Bang Protobiont Liposomes Reducing Environment Miller-Urey Experiment Extreme Environments Ribozymes Pasteur’s Experiment Europa Nicholas Steno Radioisotope dating Half-life Precambrian Era Evolutionary milestones Cambrian Explosion K-T Boundary Iridium Layer Pleistocene Megamammals Clovis Points Alfred Wegener Plate Tectonics Microevolution Macroevolution Evolution Fitness Cuvier Hutton Lyell Buffon Homology Lamarck Acquired Traits Vestigial structures Artificial Selection Natural Selection Malthus Wallace Blending inheritance Particulate inheritance Mendel’s Laws Lecture 4-5 Microevolution Allele frequency Genotype frequency Population Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Agents of Evolution Mutation Neutral, deleterious and beneficial mutation Population size Genetic drift Population bottleneck Founder effect Inbreeding Fixation and Loss of alleles Migration Migration-Selection balance Gene flow Random mating Assortative mating Disassortative mating Natural Selection Selection coefficient Directional Selection Stabilizing Selection Disruptive Selection Fitness array
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Lecture 6-9 Heterozygote advantage Phenotypic plasticity Evolutionary constraint Sexual selection Male-male competition Female choice Parental care Parental investment Species concepts Morphospecies concept Biological Species concept
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BILD3review - MIDTERM REVIEW Key terms: You should be able...

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