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1 International Relations 08/31/06 Non-State Actors ! Intergovernmental organization: an international institution composed of states  formed by treaty ! Features of an intgovernmental organization C membership limited to states C authority defined by treaty ! the council of Europe was the first intergov’t institution C served as a mechanism which the leaders could meet and discuss issues  concerning economy security etc. ! The Universal Postal Union set forth standard postal procedure for the globe ! In the aftermath of WWI the league of nations was set up, to unite the  industrialized nations of the world; functioned more elaborately than the council  of Europe had ! WWII brought on explosive growth of inter gov’t organizations
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Unformatted text preview: C the creation of UN, IMF C lead to the creation of existing orgs C currrently 350 inter govt orgs ! Purpose, and membership requirements vary by orgs C purpose is divided between general and specialized C membership is made up of global and/or regional States ! Administrative portion of intergovts kept on a very short leash, held responsible for actions ! Nongovernmental organizations: an association composed of private individuals who reside within two or more countries. ! Multinational corporation: A business firm that manages productive enterprises within two or more states....
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