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Anthropology Notes 2

Anthropology Notes 2 - Anthrovpology Notes 2 The Herders of...

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Anthrovpology Notes 2 The Herders of Mongun-Taiga (1989) They live in the Soviet Union in Tuva They only breed livestock, they have no agriculture They used to have arranged marriages, but nowadays they let them choose for themselves Horses are the most valuable thing in their culture Only brave boys can break in a horse The killing of the sheep must be done outside, they open the chest and grab the main artery and rupture it The killing of the sheep is done to the left of the door Women cannot kill an animal Killing a sheep is greatly honored and respected They tell fortunes with the shoulder blade when people are sick, when they want guidance with the future, when they have problems, or when cattle have gone astray They look at the shoulder blade and then “tell the future” They have “family teams” where they make a work plan and everybody has personal interest They believe that women would fall under spells and begin a passionate affair with a male spirit The dress little boys as girls and little girls as boys They do this because they just do, there really isn’t a reason, it’s just tradition The Arzhan water has healthful substances in it, it helps with pain problems You put tea under the arzhan and the block absorbs the water and later when you brew the tea you brew a healthy drink They used to not drink alcohol before the age of 40 Older generations believe that the young know absolutely nothing Llama- a Buddhist holy man Notes 10/11 Reality- concrete, physical reality, our perception is accurate and that we are all perceiving the same thing Very variable, changing all the time Isn’t consistent, our own perception of life is very inconsistent Reducing egotism (self importance) Being concerned about what everyone else thinks of you “Tail chewing” Hesitant to undertake anything besides the self importance Fear that it might work The way that you have constructed reality is a construction that is not as solid as you may think
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Doubt, what am I doing this for, I won’t benefit from this Religious impulse- trapped, need to get out of here This need that gives them the intent to change things Intent- deep down force that really is where you’re at, what you really want underneath Notes ESOTERIC BELEIFS & MILERAPA 10/16 Lots of belief systems that don’t agree with each other Know these things only because of perception All include ways to perceive things that aren’t in your normal daily perception Some people don’t actually perceive the things that they said they perceived Somebody you have faith in convinced you even if you did not perceive it yourself Firmly believe that without these visions then they are “dead meat” Experiential Religions- people’s direct perceptions effect their belief systems Involve most of the people in the society to be in altered states
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