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Three Question on Religion

Three Question on Religion - Brittany Stone ANTH 140 Dr...

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Brittany Stone ANTH 140 Dr. Wilson 2 April 2008 Three Questions on Religion Religion is a part of almost everyone’s life no matter where in the world you live. There are so many different religions all over the world with different beliefs and practices. From Christians to Buddhists, to Atheists everyone believes in something. It made it difficult to find strangers that were comfortable enough to talk in depth about their religion since it is such a personal and touchy subject. The first question that I asked was, “What are your feelings on religion?” I found that this was the easiest question for people to answer since it did not necessarily require people to get to personal. The first person that I asked had gone to a private Christian school all her life and she explained to me that religion is a way of life. She told me that it religion is “different belief systems that people use to go about their everyday lives.” Another person that I asked had said that people use religion almost as a guideline. I thought that was very interesting because I have never heard someone put it in that context, and when I think about it on a greater level I really agree with the man that said that. When you have a specific religion that you are a part of and that you strongly believe in, it becomes a part of your everyday life. You are doing good things that your religion values and praises and you are not doing certain things that your religion looks down upon and scorns. Though most of the people I spoke to had positive outlooks and responses on religion one of the persons that I interviewed did not. She
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thought that religion was dumb. She explained to me how ignorant she thought it was of
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