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Self evaluation for persuasive1

Self evaluation for persuasive1 - to capture was a speech...

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Looked at speech to much Took too long to get to the main point started off with main point Did not define complex terms Minimized my fillers Conclusion was pretty good- just getting there was hard My inflection Overall this was a very difficult presentation for me. When I got on stage I immediately forgot what I had practiced, I found myself grabbing for words and unable to take my eyes off of my paper. I also took to long to get to my main point. What I was attempting
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Unformatted text preview: to capture was a speech where a problem is posed and there is this great solution that is proposed just as the speech is building in intensity. I do think that I captured this type of climactic conclusion. Also I found that I was unable to define certain key terms to the fullest extent within the time allotted. However upon looking back on the video I am grateful to find that I minimized my fillers and my tone of voice was quite good....
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