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Alex Michaelâ��s Life - wasn’t sad it was happy”...

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Alex Michaels’ Life By Justin Silverman Alex Michaels was born April 17 th 1986 at St. Peters Hospital in New Jersey. Raised by his mother in Edison, New Jersey he was fortunate enough to live in the same town where the light bulb was invented, and the subsequent phallic Edison Towers that were dedicated to that great invention. Just a few years later he began attending Rutgers Preparatory School. When asked to comment on the school he simply replied “it wasn’t gay”. This quote seems to be indicative of one of the larger themes in Alex Michaels’ life, that is the painstakingly difficult task of categorizing all things as either “Gay” or “Not Gay”. In high school Alex Michaels seemed quick to make sure that everyone knew he fit into the second category, in reference to losing his virginity in freshman year of high school, Michaels stated “It
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Unformatted text preview: wasn’t sad it was happy” to which Andrew Zuckerman could only laugh. He played lacrosse and proclaimed himself president of Iron Chef club, where in a cunning plot he spend the club’s treasury on dinner before escaping to Johns Hopkins. Alex Michaels is also an extremely accomplished poker playing, having stumbled upon the game as a result of his friends in high school, he has gone on to play in the world series of poker on numerous occasions, even breaking the top 100. He is now a Molecular Cellular Biology Major at Johns Hopkins. This decision was in large part due to his desire to wear scrubs to work. When asked to comment on Michaels, one of his close friends Andrew Zuckerman could only say two very insightful things. “He is a waste of space, and he got mono from a guy freshman year.” To which Michaels responded “I’m awesome!”...
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