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Matt Hickin Growing up in Queensbury, New York, Matt Hickin developed an interest in teeth and chemical and bimolecular engineering. Since this was fairly unusual for a young boy, his parents sent him to Johns Hopkins where he met others who had similarly bizarre interests. Hickin quickly found his niche as the largest individual at AEPi. At 6’3” and a torso of 6’1” he is a force to be reckoned with. This is particularly true when drunk, this may be the only chance friends and family get to learn, to everyone’s surprise that barely
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Unformatted text preview: any on his massive torso is taken up by bladder. His tendency to urinate on anything has caused friends to replace the word for peeing with the term “to take a Hickin” or “he Hickined all over that couch.” Hickin is also one of the few individuals whom Alex Michaels will not call Gay. Even though he and his roommate Mike Guarino will often be seen baking pies and making cupcakes, even watching food network. His sheer size and tendency to Hickin on people discourages insults and taunts....
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