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Justin Silverman Astrobio Response to Extremophiles article. 10/10/05 In the article titled EXTREM it became apparent that the science behind exobiology and microbiology requires adventure. The danger inherent in delving deep into the earth crust is all part of the job. In these places scientists search for Extremophiles, “microscopic organisms that thrive in places to extreme to support human or plant life.” In looking for these extremophiles there is a hope that their natural defenses can be used for medical purposes. “Many exremophiles have natural lethal weapons that they use against each other in the fight for food” One type of extermophiles are Tardigrades, which are extremophiles that can live as long as 200 years. “Their body provides a form of anti-freeze that prevents cell protein and membranes from breaking down even after years at sub zero temperatures.” These different types of life give an idea of just how powerful evolution is, that it can create such differing species of life all based on the same basic cellular structure. This is talked about in the second article, Life on the Edge
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