The Condom's point of view

The Condom's point of view - decision if she did not was to...

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Justin Silverman English 4: American Man Justin Anderson Response on Jason’s accused rape The Condom’s Point of View I am the Trojan Lubricated Condom that was never used, and I know what happened between Trixie and Jason because I was there. However, I was never used, that bastard raped that poor girl and never bothered to use me. Instead I remained in Jason’s wallet slowly getting crushed, until I was beyond my expiration date never to see the light of day. Yes, Trixie was drunk, but she knew exactly what was happening as Jason forced himself on her. It was not Trixie’s fault, it is Jason alone who should be blamed for his actions. No matter how many men she had relations with that night it was still her
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Unformatted text preview: decision if she did not was to sleep with Jason. That bastard should get what’s coming to him. The old man was right about one thing, this will, and should be the biggest threat to his future he will ever face. I do not believe his possible future accomplishments and his hockey skills should excuse him from justice. As a father myself, I know that Daniel will have something to say, and with his past, I wouldn’t be surprised if he kills Jason, I hope he does. Unfortunately I can’t do anything myself, all I can do is wait and watch what happens. And if he ever tries to use me, I am going to break on that bastard....
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