Quest for a living Universe

Quest for a living Universe - Theory” Due to the stars...

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Justin Silverman Astrobiology Quest for a Living Universe In this article three different requirements for life where defined. A complex chemical system able to replicate itself and undergo evolution, life is carbon based, and needs water. I agree with these definitions with the exception of the need for water. In my mind with the extreme temperatures reached by some planets even in our star system, it is reasonable for me to assume that at a point water would either freeze or boil making it useless to life, in those situations another liquid would be used a solvent in chemical reactions. The idea that life started multiple times on earth, due to the fact that the earth was “Sterilized” by meteor impacts, begs the question, where we the strongest species or were we just the same or weaker but those impacts where just to powerful for any type of life. It the latter is the case why is blind luck not mentioned in any form of evolutionary “Fact/
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Unformatted text preview: Theory”? Due to the stars habitable zone moving outwards, and eventually past earth to other planets in our star system, will life ever evolve on other planets, if not already, in our solar system? The apparently frozen ice in Europa might melt allowing liquid water and the development of earthlike life. Finally the question of are we ourselves Martians raises an interesting issue of whether life is still around from where we came from, if not why, and how did we end up on earth if we are? Towards the end of the article I found myself thinking about many issues, which seemed to turn my thoughts in on themselves. Due to a lot of theories and having to take 2 or sometimes even more options into account at the same time, brings me to the conclusion that at the moment we do not have the information we need to make any kind of decision of life in the universe....
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Quest for a living Universe - Theory” Due to the stars...

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