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English Presentation on Bond

English Presentation on Bond - Entertainment b We can...

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Justin Silverman English Presentation on Bond 1. Two main parts to my presentation a. 3 questions, what would bond answer b. Why is he so popular and how the stats from the Esquire support 2. 3 Questions a. What’s the most important indicator of job satisfaction? i. Doing something for the greater good, He literally saves the world; multiple times; the most notable is bond’s venture into space in Moonraker. b. How much cash do you have on you right now? i. Seemingly all of the British Government. Expensive taste, from cars, to alcohol. Don perinion 52 and martini shaken not stired c. How many Sex Partners have you had? i. Since Dr No was released in 1962, Bond has slept with 44 women – three quarters of whom have tried to kill him! ii. This peaked in A View to a Kill and You Only Live Twice with 4 women in each. And a general average of 3 women per movie. iii. Also has killed 150 men, and a few women. 3. From the survey Four themes pop out (Why is bond iconic) a. Money, Sex, and Power (the importance of people in power),
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Unformatted text preview: Entertainment b. We can clearly see that bond has these three things 4. The movies a. Alpine ski Chase i. Power, kills a man, incredible skier, Loses a ski and still kicks ass ii. Lives dangerously iii. Entertainment 1. Skiing b. Pyramid Headquarters i. Importance/ Power 1. He lives on the level of the pyramids. 2. What he gets to associate with ii. Wearing a Tux iii. Adventure/ mystery 1. Also mystery with the Russians. iv. Cunning c. Destruction of Atlantis i. Grandeur of the things, ii. Adventure iii. Sex, 1. Anaya’s looks great 2. She was about to kill him from the death of her husband but he still gets her. iv. Money, pretty sweet escape pod, 1. With the Don Perenion 52 d. For your eyes only i. Comedy ii. Obviously sex iii. Job Satisfaction, The parrot is thanked by the prime minister directly. iv. Strange attempt at topical humor. e. Supposed to show Moonraker, i. Literally saves the world 1. Enormous power....
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