Feild Study #3 - Justin Silverman Field Study #3...

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Justin Silverman Field Study #3 Observations - Many of the Plants in the Canyons look Blown to one side - Many of the cut banks are over hung - The ecology of the mesa is very much different from the bottom of the canyon - There appears to be many different levels of desert varnish covering, in different parts of the canyons Questions - Where are you most likely to find desert varnish? - Where is desert varnish most prominent? - What direction is most of the plants/ grasses blown? - Does light bleach desert varnish? Hypothesis Forming - (H a ) Desert varnish will be less prominent on point bars than on the walls of overhanging cut banks. - (H o ) Desert varnish grows equally prominent on the walls of point bars as on cut banks. Methods 1. Find test sites and record them 2. Standing approximately 50 yards away from canyon wall rate the wall from 1% to 100% based on the contrast between the original canyon wall color and the color of the desert varnish on that wall. 3.
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Feild Study #3 - Justin Silverman Field Study #3...

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