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Taylor Heineman 2/11/08 DCM The Idea of a Christian College The idea of a Christian college presented some very interesting concepts of how a Christian institution should function. All of which could be applied to DBU. While I was reading the book I realized that DBU is everything that Arthur Holmes was talking about. The book talks about integrating faith and learning in a Christian institution. In chapter five of the book Holmes, mentions that a Christian college is merely an extension of the church. Meaning that while our professors are teaching us about marketing or music theory or biology they should tie faith in to what they are teaching. I personally feel that my biology teacher should teach me biology, not the bible. I’m not saying that we don’t need to learn abut God’s word but not in biology class. Later in the chapter Holmes talks about the four approaches to integrated faith and learning, attitudinal, ethical, foundational, and worldview. If you compare students from a secular school and a Christian school you will find differences in all four of these areas. The attitudinal approach talks about having a Christian attitude for both teachers and students will increase the level of learning. Suggesting that going to class and having the attitude of I’m here to learn and that is what I’m going to do and involving God in all of your
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tidocc - Taylor Heineman 2/11/08 DCM The Idea of a...

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