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Kim Chun [email protected] Thurs. 8am-8:50 Fick’s law of diffusion: Flux = ΔC x Area x Permeability Permeability = lipid solubility/ (molecular size x viscosity x thickness of membrane) Types of channels: 1. Open/leak channels= always open 2. Gated channels= can be open or closed a. _________ gated= particular concentration of ligand opens gate b. __________-gated=electrical state of cell c. _________ gated= opens by pressure, touch, temperature Types of Carrier proteins: 1. ________= moves only one type of molecule 2. _________= molecules carried in same direction 3. _________= molecules carried in opposite direction. Active transport= uses ATP hydrolysis in order to move molecule against concentration gradient. 1. ___________ active transport (Na, K pump)= energy for transport comes directly from ATP hydrolysis. 2. ___________ Active Transport= energy to push molecules against gradient using potential energy that comes from a molecule going down gradient. Problem 1:
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TAwksht1 - Kim Chun [email protected] Thurs. 8am-8:50...

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