worksheet2 - Kim Chun BIPN100 Cell...

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Kim Chun BIPN100 Cell communication ___________ communication= signaling within cells, but does not allow for communication between cells. ___________ communication= a substance is secreted by one type of cell and that chemical diffuses and carried by circulation to other cells. o Receptors specific to this chemical must be present in order for transmission to occur. Sequence of Events for Neurotransmitter Exocytosis: 1. Action potential arrives at axon terminal 2. Causes depolarization 3. Ca ++ channels open, causing influx (net movement into the cell) 4. Vesicles containing the NT (i.e. Ach) dock on pre-synaptic membrane and exocytose 5. NT released into synaptic cleft 6. NT binds to receptors of post-synaptic cells 7. Either 1. Ion channels will open or 2. G-protein pathway is activated 8. Change in post-synaptic membrane potential o EPSP – ___________ postsynaptic potential – the NT opens channels in the postsynaptic cell, causing the membrane potential to
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worksheet2 - Kim Chun BIPN100 Cell...

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