9-14-07 - 1650-1800 enlightenment. E. Kant Defin. (look up)...

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Unformatted text preview: 1650-1800 enlightenment. E. Kant Defin. (look up) Good people must do something to stop the evil in this world. Public translation of the bible really moved this along We would practice different government all throughout the colonies in the New World. PARTS 1. Many ideas come from a Rational Universe. We are the product of our experiences. We have the power to improve.... 2. If man is improvable, then man will progress. Capitalism 3. Free will. 4. Deism 5. Natural Rights 6. Social Conduct 7. Humanitarianism-trying to make the world a better place John Woolman Anthony Beniza visited quakers(Society of Friends) and told them that slavery was wrong. Quakers were in trouble again, because they would not fight because they were passivist. ...
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