hist test 2 - Chapter 6 Dates / Notes 1713 - Britain...

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Chapter 6 Dates / Notes 1713 - Britain conquered French Acadians 1754 - Start of Seven Years War 1754 - George Washington sent to Ohio as lieutenant Colonel in charge of 150 Virginia militia. After 10 hour siege, Washington surrenders his entire command. 1754 - British government summoned intercolonial congress to Albany, NY. 1755 - General Braddock captures Fort Duquesne with 2000 men. 1756 - British launch full scale invasion of Canada but lose. 1757 - William Pitt becomes foremost leader in London government 1758 - Pitt lead powerful expedition against Louisberry - first British victory of war 1759 - Battle of Quebec - most significant battle in British/ American history. French lost to Britain (pg 115) 1763 - Peace of Paris signed ending Seven Years War. 1763 - Ottawa chief Pontiac led several tribes in violent campaign to drive Britains off Ohio country. Pontiac is killed by rival chieftain in 1769 1763 - Proclamation of 1763 - settlement prohibited settlement in area beyond Appalachians Mountains Chapter 7 Dates/ Notes 1650 - first navigation laws imposed to control colonial commerce 1696 - Board of Trade assumes governance of colonies 1763 - end of the Seven Years War 1763 - Prime Minister George Grenville (also imposed sugar, quartering, and stamp act) orders British navy to enforce navigation laws. 1764 - Sugar Act - first law imposed by England that raised at revenue from the colonies for England. - Sugar Act increased the duty on foreign sugar imported from West Indies. 1765 - Quartering Act - required certain colonies to provide food and quarters for British troops. 1765 - Stamp Act - raised revenues for new English military force. - Stamp act mandated the use of stamped paper or the affixing of stamps, certifying payment of tax. 1765 - Stamp Act Congress formed by colonists beseeches the king and parliament to repeal the legislation.
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Nonimportantion groups/ agreements - groups that agreed to boycott English goods that required British taxes. These groups often turned violent, almost forcing other colonists to boycott taxes. 1766 - Stamp Act repealed
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hist test 2 - Chapter 6 Dates / Notes 1713 - Britain...

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