history essay test 11-26 - One major theme that Kenneth...

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One major theme that Kenneth Stampp used through out the book is that slaves were more like sophisticated pets rather than humans. He talks about how their masters treated them and how life for a slave was back then. Most slaves were not allowed to interact with their masters other than to be told what to do or be yelled at. In the beginning of slavery black slaves were very similar to white slaves. They would often hang out after work and many times have kids. In 1660 laws were put into action declaring that blacks were now in a group with little to no rights. Blacks then became slaves for life and their kids followed their mothers. Therefore a child with a black mother but white father would become a slave or a black father and a white mother he would be free. The population of slaves grew very rapidly. By 1810 the southern slave population was well over one million. Within twenty to thirty years after the American independence the importation of slaves was made illegal, but this clearly did not mean the end of slavery was near. By 1830 slavery was pretty much set in the south and there was
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history essay test 11-26 - One major theme that Kenneth...

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