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BIPN 100 Worksheet 4 Sensory Perception Definitions __________________= contains primary sensory neuron, which synapses on secondary sensory neuron in dorsal horn. _________ sensory neuron receives converging signals from different primary sensory neurons and sends to ascending pathways of the brain. Resolution Receptive fields= pathway of each receptor that is connected to an axon and responds to stimuli within that area of space. _________ (large/small) receptive field= many primary neurons converge onto secondary neuron. o Low resolution: one can’t distinguish between two stimuli very close together. _________ (large/small) receptive field= convergence is not that large, so one can distinguish between two different signals. o High resolution: if have less primary neurons converging onto a secondary neuron, have higher resolution of adjacent stimuli. ________________= adjacent neurons are inhibited by next neuron in the pathway, which increases the perception of stimulus on that neuron. Causes higher contrast of sensation (higher resolution) found in photoreceptors of retina. What is the difference between phasic and tonic receptors? Give an example of each. Sensory Pathways Fine touch, vibration, proprioception: primary sensory neuron ascends _______________ (ipsilaterally/contralaterally) where it synapses with the secondary neuron in the _______________. Secondary neuron then crosses over to the opposite side and synapses with a tertiary neuron in the _____________, which sends information to the somatosensory cortex. Secondary pathway: Name three stimuli ___________, ____________, ____________: enters spinal
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worksheet4mp - BIPN 100 Worksheet 4 Sensory Perception...

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