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Kim Chun BIPN 100 – Fortes The Kidneys and the Urinary System Anatomy (fig 19.1) 1. Renal cortex – outer portion of the kidney 2. Renal medulla – the inner portion of the kidney 3. Nephron – Functional units of the kidneys; ~ one million nephrons make up a kidney (fig 19.2) A. ________________ – initial segment of the nephron that surrounds the glomerulus i. Receives filtered fluid from the glomerular capillaries B. __________________ – segment of the nephron where most reabsorption takes place i. Loop of Henle – portion of the nephron that creates an osmotic gradient controls the concentration of urine and creates : Write function of each: (a) descending limb – (b) ascending limb – ii. Distal convoluted tubule – receives fluid from the ascending limb of the loop of Henle (a) Plays major role in regulation iii. Collecting duct – large tube that receives fluid from the distal tubules of ~8 nephrons (a) Drains fluid into the renal pelvis 4. ________________ – deliver arterial blood to the nephron 5. Glomerular capillaries – receive blood from the afferent arterioles; site of filtration 6. _____________ arterioles – arterioles that leave the glomerular capillaries 7. Peritubular capillaries – capillaries that receive blood form the efferent arterioles A. Surround the tubular portions of the nephron B. Vasa recta- peritubular capillaries that wrap around the Loop of Henle 8. Juxtaglomerular apparatus – region of the nephron where the distal tubule passes between the afferent and efferent arterioles Functions of the Nephron 1. Filtration – flow of fluid from the glomerular capillaries into the Bowman’s capsule
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worksheet7 - Kim Chun BIPN 100 Fortes...

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