Chapter 14--Leader as Politician

Chapter 14--Leader as Politician - Financial/legal o 1990s...

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Leader as Politician Power and Politics--Chapter 14 Power—Potential ability to influence others so they do things they would not otherwise do. Bases of Power (where it comes from) o Coercive power: fear o Reward power: positive benefit o Legitimate power: authority of position (power a person receives as a result of position) o Expert power: expertise, skills knowledge o Referent Power: identification with person Power as Dependency o The greater the dependency, the greater the power. o “A” has the power of “B” to the extent: Importance: “A” has control over something “B” Values Scarcity: “B” cannot obtain it elsewhere Nonsubstitutability: “B” cannot easily find substitutes for it Changes in Power-Dependency: Uncertainty Absorption o 1910s-1950s Can we make it efficiently? Production/engineering o 1960s-1970s Can we sell it? Sales/marketing o 1980s Can we finance expansion?
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Unformatted text preview: Financial/legal o 1990s Can we innovate & change ourselves? R&D/HRM • Differences in Power-Dependency: Professions and Professionalization o Compensation &Prestige of Professions (example of barber v. medical doctor) o Need to professionalize: Barriers to Entry o Business schools and professionalization • Organizational Politics—using power beyond formal role to gain rewards o Reasons Scarce resources Different interests Ambiguous goals and performance outcomes Technical and environmental uncertainty Organizational change o Political Techniques Controlling information and communication Controlling agenda and decision making parameters Game playing Impression management-the process by which individuals attempt to control the impression others form of them Building coalitions...
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Chapter 14--Leader as Politician - Financial/legal o 1990s...

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