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Quiz 2 Chapters 5-7bb - Quiz 2 Chapters 5 6 7 Description...

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Multiple Choice Question In an on-demand computing environment, which of the following is considered a part of th e Answer Document Management software Accounting information systems Web servers Storage Management software Multiple Choice Question Legacy systems have many characteristics. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of e Answer they have problems interfacing with new systems they were frequently developed for very focused purposes with functional systems. they frequently have nonstandard data they are prone to have errors in reports generated Multiple Choice Question IT is vital, at least so says McFarlan. One benefit of this infrastructure is Answer security is more important than before. decisions that impact IT s ability to differentiate the firm are made at the highest levels o it reduces the risk of understanding and assigning responsibility of IT decisions. effective infrastructure enhances the capability of a company to differentiate itself from Multiple Choice
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Question The development of TCP/IP provided a robust standard for routing messages between LANS Answer provide a cost effective way for colleges and universities to communicate national security concerns. support an expanding e-business environment.
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Quiz 2 Chapters 5-7bb - Quiz 2 Chapters 5 6 7 Description...

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