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Personality Paper - XXXXXXX Personality Paper PSYC...

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XXXXXXX Personality Paper PSYC 10213-015 11/27/07
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My four letters are not quite certain; three of my letters are certain, but the fourth is not. I am either an ESFJ or an ESTJ. When I took the test from the book, I am half T and half F, so that makes it somewhat uncertain. I took two other tests online, both with different results. One said I was an ESTJ and the other said I was an ESFJ. This left me somewhat confused as to what I am, because I may react differently in different situations or against different people. There are really a lot of similarities between the two, which makes it even more difficult to determine which one I am. However, after reading the descriptions from Please Understand Me II along with descriptions from the internet, I have come to the conclusion that I am an ESTJ. I am like an ESFJ (the Provider) in that I like traditions and think good service is important. I also want to make sure that everyone is involved in group activities, that everyone is having a good time. I might even sacrifice my own good time if it meant that more people had a good time. However, unlike Providers, I do not enjoy being in charge. I will arrange an event, but I will not take charge of the event. Also, I am not very easily hurt, and unless necessary, I do not show my emotions very easily. Another reason I am not a Provider is that I am not very pessimistic; I tend to look toward the brighter side of life and events. There are some times when I am realistic, and that may seem pessimistic. For the most part, I am optimistic, but this also goes against my actual personality type. I am, however, an ESTJ (the Supervisor) in that I somewhat like the rules and make sure other
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Personality Paper - XXXXXXX Personality Paper PSYC...

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