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XXXXX 1 XXXXX Jacob Olmstead HIST 10613-040 10/12/07 Chapter 18: The Industrial Society There were many factors that enabled America to grow as an industrial society as quickly as it did. . Some of which were immigrants, inventions, and even monopolies. But what did people think about this era of industrialization? Many American laborers had either bad working conditions or no job at all, and this led to the Chinese Exclusion Act; also, while labor unions sought to better the lives of American laborers, some, such as Russel Conwell, believed that there were too many opportunities for Americans to even be poor, and Andrew Carnegie believed that the duty of the wealthy was to share the wealth with the general public. One big factor of American industrialization was immigration, specifically, the immigration of the Chinese to the western coast of America. Already, American industry was one of the powers in the world, and this is what attracted so many immigrants to America. After the arrival of many immigrants, Chinese especially, American industrialization grew even more rapidly. The Chinese worked much on railroads and played a major role in the building of a transcontinental railroad. However, since the Chinese were such hard workers and worked for low pay, the wages for Americans also decreased. Also, Chinese people set aside themselves from the rest of American society, acting different, dressing different, talking different, etc., creating their own culture. This “made whites suspicious” (“Chinese Exclusion Act,” 43). As a result, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in 1882. This was the first immigration law that singled out a specific ethnic group for exclusion ( America: Past and Present , 363). Americans in the West, politicians, labor leaders, and journalists, pressured the federal government into writing this act because wages were being lowered, there was insecurity in the American culture, and there was a fear of additional Chinese arrivals that would further take away the jobs of the Americans. After the Chinese Exclusion Act, there was no more Chinese immigration into
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XXXXX 2 the United States. The Chinese Exclusion Act represented a concern for the American laborer's job security as
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Industrial Society Essay - XXXXX 1 XXXXX Jacob Olmstead...

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