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American advertising, Suzuki

American advertising, Suzuki - Foley 1 1 What would Solomon...

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Foley 1 1 What would Solomon say about Suzuki: Adventure Advertisements in America say a lot about the typical consumer by the way companies try to manipulate their products in order to relate them to an intended audience. American advertisements, as Jack Solomon explains in Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising , “say something about America, about the status of our hopes, fears, desires, and beliefs” (402). Solomon believed that advertisements have a strong subliminal appeal to people’s subconscious even if the ad’s message is dismissed consciously. Suzuki, a Japanese car company, recently marketed an ad for their 2008 Grand Vitara in the January 08 edition of Men’s Health Magazine. The Grand Vitara is advertised as a SUV full of excitement, a car that wants to take you on an adventure just as much as want to take one. Solomon also explained how many car companies attempt to identify with a status symbol, like a Porsche meaning success or a Chrysler representing the “Heartbeat of America”. Suzuki prides vehicles on offroad fun so they advertise their vehicles as being adventurous, a trait many Americans can identify with. Solomon describes American economy as one which “runs on desire, and advertising stokes the engines by transforming common objects into signs of all things that Americans covet most” in this case turning the Grand Vitara into the opportunity to reconnect with our adventurous side (408). The lay out of the ad shows Suzuki’s shiny, silver Grand Vitara riding on slippery rocks along side a questionably large creek. The background colors of the landscape are dull and blacked out, drawing attention to the new, shiny car between a beautiful, country sky and a rocky, blue stream. The blue of the sky and the water creates a calm and
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Foley 2 2 peaceful image of the car even as it rides on rough terrain. The car looks as if it’s gliding along those rocks although the reader has no idea how the car is actually handling inside.
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American advertising, Suzuki - Foley 1 1 What would Solomon...

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