Effects of pH on Enzyme

Effects of pH on Enzyme - Foley-1 Effects of pH on Enzyme,...

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Foley-1 Effects of pH on Enzyme, Catalase Brian Foley February 12, 2008 Abstract This experiment examined the properties of catalase by adjusting pH levels to determine what denatures an enzyme. The experiment tested a range of pH to determine whether the pH buffers were too acidic or basic. If the buffers were far off from neutral then the chemical reactions in the catalase would take more time to work. This was tested by placing catalase in pH buffers ranging from pH-4 to pH-10. The experiment timed how long it took for catalase-soaked discs to rise to the top of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, indicating how effectively the catalase worked under pH changes. Our group hypothesized that the farther the pH was from 7, the longer it would take for the catalase reaction to occur. The time-to-rise data showed that catalase works best under conditions close to neutral pH. The time-to-rise increased as the pH went in too basic or too acidic Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to identify the effects of pH on the function of the enzyme catalase. Enzymes are globular proteins which are known to be “biological catalysts” that accelerate chemical reactions in living cells (NCSU). An enzyme is a substance that lowers the activation energy required for a chemical reaction and therefore increases the rate of the reaction without being used up in the process. They contain an active site, which allows a specific substrate to attach allowing the enzyme to activate or
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Effects of pH on Enzyme - Foley-1 Effects of pH on Enzyme,...

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