SONG FOR ENGLISH - Foley-1 Project #2 English Identifying...

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Foley-1 Project #2 English Identifying Main Types of Scholarly Journals <Chorus> What’s going to happen when you’re faced with the two, An academic argument and a popular one too. Sitting there confused just trying construe All this jargon, it’s sounding hard and all these words are all new. A popular argument can have a story-like narrative, Which is kind of like this slow sung comparative. And when it comes to a study or report No one can know which side the author supports, Remember popular’s purpose is primarily to entertain And academic writing is mainly there to explain. So listen up to what each source could contain. In an academic argument you got to refrain From personal examples and attempts to persuade. Focus on the content and evidence made Scientific detail should be all that’s displayed. Refine the purpose and make sure your message is straight We don’t care about your story no matter how it can relate. If it’s got graphs and charts set up in different parts Set up so nice it had structure from the start, Broken up in pieces so it’s easy to review And builds up a purpose, so others can study Because everybody out there, you know they aren’t your buddy. Stick to the purpose as specialized and specific, Perhaps something sound and scientific. You better be sure to cite those with a degree
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SONG FOR ENGLISH - Foley-1 Project #2 English Identifying...

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