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Foley-1 Project #2 English Part I- Good Example Analysis Many songs have good recall ability especially when trying to learn differences between things or the simply the basics. “I Can” by Nas, is a song that lays down the basics of success, while also delivering a message. He accomplishes his message by repetition, rhyme, and good meter. The song wants to inspire children to work hard to succeed, so the tune and the way it’s sung through rap appeals to a young audience. Each verse in the song has a different purpose; the first talks about diversions in life, the second is about ability, and the third reminds the audience what mankind has been through, showing us that we can succeed no matter the circumstances. The rhyme scheme helps retain the message of the song longer because it sticks in one’s head. The song runs on long sentences that have external rhyme building up to a point which makes the song
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Unformatted text preview: story-like. The rhyme also helps the reader have a better feel for the rhythm. The song starts broad then gets descriptive. This is shown by, you can be anything in the world, during his first verse, and then he goes on to describe ways to get there. He gives examples as to how people get sidetracked in life and warns them of how this can devastate ones future. Ill be able to follow the structure of the song by including emphasis on comparison that highlights the 6 features that distinguish academic and popular arguments. Ill state broad claims to begin verses and then qualify them with examples from the text. The chorus will attempt to restate how to tell the main difference from the two sources and then foreshadow the comparison that will follow....
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