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The United States has become the country that gave the world the first written sample of the Constitution, which contained the century legal ideas, such as equality before the law, "natural" rights and freedoms of citizens, republican principles polity and political pluralism, as well as it ensured a constant rotation of senior officials. The US Constitution was designed to protect the interests of its citizens, freedom of private enterprise, and private property rights. It is important to emphasize that the US Constitution was not just a set of original ideas, as it was also practical document that played a major role in the formation of the new states. The US Constitution played the role of the foundation for the federal government in which people of the several States gradually became aware of themselves as members of a single American nation. Over the time, United States made a few adjustment to an original Constitution, as well as placed new laws and regulations, in order to address occurrence of the new issues, which had to be compliant with the US Constitution. Those new regulations are helping to protect socio-economic, political, legal, and international guarantees of justice. Political guarantees of justice are enquire democratic political system, political and ideological pluralism, and active participation of citizens in management of the state affairs. Socio-economic guarantees of justice are enquire variety of ownership forms,
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