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Intro to Jazz 1917 – first jass recording made by the original jass band. One side was the Livery Stable Blues. Done in NY. Lead by trumpet player Nick Laruca, who was a racist and controversial figure. Sold 250,000 copies at 75 cents each. Five musicians, piano, drums, coronet, clarinet, trombone. Louisiana and Mepmphis 5’s. New Orleans Rhythm kings, the New Orleans kings of rhythm, the original New Orleans Jass Band (lead by Jimmy Durante, the comedian) Joe “King” Oliver – coronet player in the Creole Jass Band (7 players). Went to Chicago
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Unformatted text preview: after Storyville closed, and persuaded Louis Armstrong to come with him. First recorded solo of Louis Armstrong on the song Chimes Blues. Dipper Mouth Blues. Difference between Chicago and New Orleans – see JB’s notes Sidney Bechet played clarinet Jelly Roll Morton – formal musical training, sang, dance, and played piano. As a teen, he played in brothels. First jazz musician to put his compositions down on paper. Greatest self promoter of the early 20 th century – claimed to have invented jazz. Lead the Red Hot Peppers....
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