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Intro to Jazz I. Scat a. Louis Armstrong is the first recorder of scat, but not the inventor. b. Armstrong was the Miles Davis of the 20’s c. Married lil’ Hardin at one point II. Paul Whiteman a. 3 years as classical musician b. Put together a jazz orchestra c. Wanted to combine classical music with jazz d. Was a racist faggot e. Instead if hot jazz, this is symphonic and sweet jazz
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Unformatted text preview: III.Bix Beiderbicke a. First master of the coronet b. 1903-1931, in Iowa c. Franky Tombauer IV. Fletcher Henderson a. Placement of whoever solos against another section b. Look up his system V. James Peay a. “Carolina Shout” VI. Fatz Waller was the first to use organ...
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