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Jazz Paper - Ned Babbitt Intro to Jazz Required Report 1...

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Ned Babbitt Intro to Jazz 3/6/2008 Required Report 1 When I walked into the Mansion 462 on W. Franklin Street, I really did not know what to expect of the Cliff Wallace Group. I had simply seen the name of the band and decided to try it out on Thursday night (February 28). The trio is made up of Cliff Wallace on the drums, and a bass and tenor saxophone player, with no vocals. The mood of the bar/restaurant was very relaxed, which seemed a perfect fit for this band, although the trio also played some upbeat songs as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got a much better grip on what jazz, especially more modern jazz, is all about. Each player was good in their own right, but the bass player was especially gifted. He played a bass line that kept all of the songs going in my opinion. He strummed each note with a fervent intensity, which was accentuated by the fact that he waved his long hair all around while he was playing. The bass seemed to be the driving force throughout most of the songs, leading along the tenor saxophone and the drums. The bass solo in one of their songs was without a doubt my favorite part of the session. I do not think that I have heard a bass solo before, so it was very surprising when he started playing. It was upbeat and fast-paced, making a great end to the already good song. Cliff Wallace, the drum player who the band is named for, was my next favorite player. He played a very edgy style of drums, not quite hitting the beats that I thought that he would, and accentuating notes I was not expecting. The drums seemed to be improvised a lot, especially his solos and at the end of songs. His odd way of playing beats on the drum, with seemingly random hits and emphases, was one of my favorite
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parts of the session. One of the solos that he did was a perfect example of this free-style jazz.
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Jazz Paper - Ned Babbitt Intro to Jazz Required Report 1...

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