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What is MIS? Management Information Systems (MIS) is the application of information technology to support business activities. MIS combines computer-related courses with other business courses to develop knowledgeable students who can work well in corporate environments and apply technology to design systems to solve business problems. Graduates of this program will be able to analyze an organization’s information needs, and then plan a computer-based delivery system to meet these needs, and finally direct the implementation and operation of the system. To develop IT, MIS professionals must understand organizational structure, business objectives, and business operations, how to communicate effectively with users, and how to design systems that support their activities. They must stay up-to-date with evolving IT developments and have a solid foundation of technical skills to select appropriate technologies and to implement computer- based information systems. Thus, MIS professionals must be well-versed in topics such as systems development tools and techniques, information architecture (e.g., client/server), network configurations, relational databases, and systems integration. Opportunities for employment in the rapidly expanding area of computer-based information systems are abundant. Since the failure of most computer-based information systems is not technical in nature but arises from the inability of individuals to design and use the systems properly, continued high demand for graduates trained in information systems is expected. A successful graduate of the MIS program should be able to: Create applications in an event-driven programming language. Apply data modeling techniques to create a database model. Implement a database model in a relational database management system. Select and apply appropriate systems analysis and design techniques to create a system design for a business Use modern application development products as prototyping tools in the systems development process. Management Information Systems vs. Computer Science Management information systems and computer science are similar in some respects, in that they are both concerned with using computer to solve problems. But there are definite distinctions between these two fields. Management Information Systems
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MIS Brochure - What is MIS? Management Information Systems...

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